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The Great TV Studio Giveaway 2008

26 Mar 2013

NMIT TV is at the Collingwood campus it offers courses in:

  • Certificate IV in Screen & Media
  • Diploma of Screen & Media
  • Advanced Diploma in Screen

NMIT TV has upgraded to full HD broadcast quality capability at the cost of $2m, most of which has been invested in equipment. The studio now matches, and in some cases surpasses national broadcast production facilities.

NMIT TV is running a fantastic competition, open to any school in Victoria running a VCE program in 2007/2008.

The three best schools will receive one whole day (8hrs) in the magnificent NMIT TV studio completely free of charge. This prize includes the services of Cameron Bailey, our Studio Manager and Technical Director.

Each winning school is free to propose whatever use of the studio they like, in consultation with Cameron, and will work with your teachers and classmates to make your proposal a reality, and to maximise the benefits in utilising our studio.

Each winning school will be responsible for organising all pre-production including schedules, content, performers, scripts, rehearsals, sets, props, costumes, make-up and crew to operate the equipment -hand's on operating the very latest in TV broadcast technology!

NMIT TV will provide training on all equipment on any nominated weekday in August 2008.

How does it work?
To enter each school must submit:

One or more program/s or short film/s (up to three per school) of approx 5 minutes duration
The format must be either DV tape (Mini-DV or DV-CAM) or DVD.
An application (one per film entry) must include:
a written description (no more than 200 words) of each program/film must accompany each submission. The description should make brief reference to the creative and technical requirements/challenges experienced in producing the program.
An ADDITIONAL written proposal (no more than 500 words) outlining your ideas for the use of the NMIT TV studio for a day should you win
Entries close Friday June 27

For more information:
Darren Steffen, Coordinator, (03) 92691745

Cameron Bailey - TV Studio Manager - (03) 92691662


Interview / Photo Opportunity

Media enquiries should be directed to the NMIT Communications Officer, James Gardener, on (03) 92691579, 0413 483 182 or

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