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Take a LEAP into employability with Melbourne Polytechnic’s unique new program

09 Feb 2016

In today’s job market, having a qualification is not always enough to land you that job, much less get an interview. While employers still generally prefer candidates to have a qualification, they also like to see some evidence that graduates are prepared for the requirements of a paying job.

“Employers like to see examples of initiative and the ability to be responsible; they want to know their employee is going to turn up on time, understand how to work well with other people, how to solve problems,” says Shane Lawtey, Melbourne Polytechnic Student Life and Media (SLAM) Team Leader.

Recognising the value of activities that students participate in while studying, Melbourne Polytechnic has introduced a unique program called ‘LEAP’ (Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement and Participation).

With LEAP, the first program of its kind in an Australian tertiary institute, students can earn points by getting involved in Melbourne Polytechnic’s community and student life.  Their contributions are tracked when they scan their student identification cards at student events, and at the completion of their studies they are presented with a statement from Melbourne Polytechnic that details their contribution.

“The final statement is a really valuable addition to their resume,” says Mr Lawtey, “as it provides information about experience that they might not think to talk about with potential employers. The information also has extra weight in the employer’s eyes because it’s authenticated by Melbourne Polytechnic.

“We feel LEAP is a real evolution in student experience and employability of students, post studies.”

LEAP was developed to improve the student experience while rewarding students for the contribution they make to the Melbourne Polytechnic and broader community.

Students can get involved in over 200 events across six campuses each year to earn LEAP points, and they can also receive points through additional activities and achievements, such as volunteering, winning state, national or internationally recognised awards, or running fundraising events.

The students can win rewards along the way, such as merchandise, but it is the long-term value to their employability that is the key to the program.

“We strongly believe it will give our students a real edge when it comes to getting a foot in the door with employers after they have completed their course,” says Mr Lawtey. “We think it will benefit employers too, as they will be given solid evidence of the student’s ability and motivation to step in and really show some initiative.”


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