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Switch from uni to Melbourne Polytechnic before 31 March

23 Mar 2015

It happens every day – you see that big glossy poster of a towering luscious burger with the lot but when you get outside, the one you unwrap looks nothing like it!

We know that sometimes university can be the same as that unwrapped burger and we understand that you may have started on a path that just doesn’t sit right in your heart. 

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we give you the hands on practical experience together with forward thinking to get you in the career that you really want – no mundane lectures in a room of hundreds. We have pathways through Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees and recognition for prior learning. 

Switch courses before the 31st March census date and start living the career that you truly want. Follow your heart and RULE YOUR WORLD at Melbourne Polytechnic.

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