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Study support sponsorships for 20 lucky schools

03 Feb 2016

Does your local secondary school need help offering study support to students? If the answer is ‘Yes!’, they might be eligible for a new YourTutor sponsorship program being offered by Melbourne Polytechnic.

One of the challenges being faced by secondary schools is the ability to provide support to students after school hours, particularly in upper secondary years. YourTutor is an online tool that provides real-time advice and support from real tutors, out of school hours.

“The reason we are confident offering YourTutor to schools is that the tutors don’t give students the answers, but provide help with the thinking required to resolve a problem or question,” says Adam Todorovski, Manager Student Recruitment for Melbourne Polytechnic. “Students don’t get the answers, they get something more valuable – strategies for working out the answers.”

Another benefit of offering YourTutor is that it is equally available to all students in the participating school, regardless of their family’s economic status.

“We are really excited about being able to provide tutoring services to people who might not be able to afford a private tutor,” says Mr Todorovski. “Melbourne Polytechnic gets a very broad cross-section of the community as students, including migrants, and we’re keenly aware of the fact that education can open doors for people who might not be able to access other opportunities.”

Melbourne Polytechnic is offering the sponsorship as a way to reinvest in the northern suburbs, where it has for many years educated students from the local community, formerly as Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT).

“We’re keen to support secondary schools in the northern corridor, many of which are struggling to provide extra study help to their students in an environment of increasing school population sizes and decreased funding,” says Adam Todorovski.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s YourTutor sponsorship will be offered to twenty secondary schools in 2016, and applications are now open.

How to apply for a Melbourne Polytechnic YourTutor sponsorship

Schools interested in applying for a YourTutor scholarship should contact Adam Todorovski, Melbourne Polytechnic Manager Student Recruitment, on 03 9269 8467 or via email on ua.ud1556194872e.cin1556194872hcety1556194872lopen1556194872ruobl1556194872em@ik1556194872svoro1556194872dotma1556194872da1556194872


Media enquiries should be directed to Melbourne Polytechnic Communications Officer, Anita Coia, on 03 9269 1251 or ua.ud1556194872e.cin1556194872hcety1556194872lopen1556194872ruobl1556194872em@ai1556194872dem1556194872

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