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Spare time? Melbourne AMEP needs volunteers to teach English

27 Jul 2017

Can you spare an hour or two each week to visit a newly arrived refugee or migrant in the home and help them learn English and settle in Australia? 

Melbourne AMEP has isolated people who cannot attend classes across Melbourne, and we are seeking volunteers to help connect them to English language services. 

We provide you with free training and support, and you get the wonderful experience of helping people settle into a new life.

Melbourne AMEP Home Tutors enjoy a fulfilling role

Our volunteers often comment on how much fulfilment they get out of being a Home Tutor. 

Click here to read about Kirsten O'Connor-Smith's experience being a Home Tutor for Syrian-born Rim Issa.

"Ms O’Connor-Smith said she looked forward to her weekly lessons with Ms Issa. “I really enjoy Rim’s company and I feel like I’m doing something to contribute to the community,” she said.

If you are interested in being part of our team, please visit the Melbourne AMEP website and go to our Volunteer page to apply. 

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Val and Nouriyeh

Main photo: Volunteer tutor Kirsten O'Connor-Smith and Syrian-born Rim Issa

Photo above: Volunteer tutor Valmai Maskell with Nouriyeh Mousavian and her daughters Batol, 5 and Raqyah, 6


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