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Secondary students try out a trade

24 Nov 2015

Choosing a trade for a career doesn’t just mean becoming a plumber. It could mean being a horticulturalist, or a hairdresser, or even a locksmith. All of these are great careers, with lots of variety for people who like to work with their hands.

Melbourne Polytechnic recently gave secondary school students in the northern suburbs the chance to try out fourteen different trades at the ‘Trade Taster’ day at our Heidelberg campus.

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Teachers from our trades courses showcased retail baking, hair and beauty, horticulture, wool classing, farriery, tiling, painting and plastering, bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, plumbing, electronics, locksmithing and welding.

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Students were able to try their hand at a wide range of different activities, including the safe-cracking challenge, horse shoe pitching, filling and dipping profiteroles, tiling, bricklaying, and making a piece of wooden furniture.

news_TRADE TASTER_hairdressing_nov2015news_TRADE TASTER_painting_nov2015

For many of the 200 students who attended, it was the first time they had a hands-on opportunity to experience a trade.

“The day was a great success, judging by the amount of participation,” said Adam Todorovski, Student Recruitment Manager. “It was great to see all the students getting in and having a go, particularly in trades that they might not have considered before.”

Adam noticed that quite a few girls were interested in trades that are traditionally male-dominated, such as bricklaying, painting and plastering, and locksmithing.

“There’s no limits, really, on what they want to do,” he said. “We hope that we’ve given them food for thought in terms of their future career, and the possibilities that are open to them."

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Trade Taster was open to all secondary schools in Melbourne’s northern corridor, and we are now in the process of planning more Trade Tasters for 2016.

If you would like more information about Melbourne Polytechnic’s trades courses, please visit our website or call our Course Enquiries team on 03 9269 8400.

Read about Aaron Smith, one of our Locksmithing teachers, and his work creating keys for antique locks, on the BBC website.

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