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Regional Auslan courses rolling out in 2017

20 Sep 2017

Melbourne Polytechnic's innovative Auslan training program has rolled out again in 2017 in Ballarat, Bendigo and Gippsland, allowing people in regional areas to learn Auslan, or Australian Sign Language, in their local area via flexible distance learning.

Melbourne Polytechnic provides accredited Auslan Courses across Victoria through a combination of video conferencing classes, community engagement and online units which are self-paced and completed off campus.

Auslan is the language of the Deaf community in Australia, and used by Deaf and hard of hearing people, their friends, immediate and extended family, co-workers and professionals such as Auslan interpreters. It is a visual, spatial language with its own grammar and syntax which is quite distinct from English.

Students also work with a local Deaf tutor, which will allow them to engage with the local Deaf community and practise their language skills as well as promote a greater understanding of Deaf culture; an equally important part of their learning.

Certificate II, III and IV courses in Auslan are currently being taught in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Gippsland.

Want to know more about regional Auslan courses?

If you would like Auslan to come to an area near you please contact Alexandra McDonald, Regional Coordinator, via email on ua.ud1558911943e.cin1558911943hcety1558911943lopen1558911943ruobl1558911943em@dl1558911943anodc1558911943mardn1558911943axela1558911943

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