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Regional Auslan courses rolling out in 2017

06 Feb 2017

Melbourne Polytechnic's innovative Auslan training program is rolling out again in 2017 in Ballarat, Bendigo and Gippsland, allowing people in regional areas to learn Auslan, or Australian Sign Language, in their local area via flexible distance learning.

Starting on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th February in all three regions, Melbourne Polytechnic is delivering the Certificate II and Certificate III in Auslan, equipping graduates to communicate using Auslan and providing a pathway to further study to become a qualified interpreter or a teacher of the Deaf.

To provide a sample of what students can expect, a free ‘taster’ session is being run on Saturday 11 February in Ballarat and Bendigo, and on Saturday 18 February in Gippsland. All taster sessions are open to anyone who wants to come along and learn some basic Auslan skills.

Auslan is the language of the Deaf community in Australia, and is used by Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, their friends, immediate and extended family, co-workers and professionals such as Auslan interpreters. It is a visual, spatial language with its own grammar and syntax quite distinct from English.

Auslan is the primary language used by Australia’s Deaf community and contributes to the quality of life of thousands of Australians, giving them access to rights and responsibilities that hearing Australians may take for granted.

To find out more about the training or enroll in the Certificate II or Certificate III in Auslan, please contact Gina Auciello on 03 9269 8304 or via email on ua.ud1505841342e.cin1505841342hcety1505841342lopen1505841342ruobl1505841342em@ol1505841342leicu1505841342aanig1505841342.


Ballarat Bendigo Gippsland
11 February 2017 11 February 2017 18 February 2017
9:30am-12:30pm 1:00-5:00pm 1:00-5:00pm
Ballarat Library
178 Doveton Street North
Bendigo Library
259 Hargreaves Street
Sale Neighbourhood House 
19-21 Leslie Street


Ballarat Bendigo Gippsland
Cert II - starts 28 Feb 2017
Cert III - starts 27 Feb 2017 
Cert II - starts 28 Feb 2017
Cert III - starts 27 Feb 2017 
Cert II - starts 28 Feb 2017
Cert III - starts 27 Feb 2017 
6:00-8:30pm weekly 6:00-8:30pm weekly 6:00-8:30pm weekly
Federation Uni Ballarat Bendigo TAFE Federation Training Yallourn
and Bairnsdale (2 locations)
12 months duration 12 months duration 12 months duration

Please contact Gina Auciello to register your interest in attending the taster sessions or enrolling in the Certificate II or III courses on 03 9269 8304 or via email on ua.ud1505841342e.cin1505841342hcety1505841342lopen1505841342ruobl1505841342em@ol1505841342leicu1505841342aanig1505841342