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Putting in 110 percent

25 Mar 2013

Many an AFL fan would like to have word in the ear of the umpires during a match, but Sarah Keenan has a direct line, courtesy of her Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Technical Production) from NMIT.

Sarah's love of music and her desire to learn about what happens on 'the other side of the desk' led her to the course, but the technical skills she learned helped her get a job setting up and monitoring the microphones umpires wear to communicate during the footy.

After completing her Diploma last year, Sarah is now working for audio company Murray Tregonning and Associates, a professional audio and communications company who provide audio services for the AFL. Sarah fits the umpires up with microphones in special vests under their uniforms, then monitors and troubleshoots throughout the game.

Though her current work is a very a specialised field, Sarah credits the NMIT course with giving her a good enough grounding to carry her through.

'We touched on radio frequency in the course,' she says. 'I wouldn't have got the job without some technical knowledge and experience in using the gear.'

Sarah also says the information and advice provided at the end of the course about getting work proved invaluable. 'It's about always having a professional attitude.'

While it is not likely that football will eclipse music as Sarah's first love, she is grateful for the experience and will be happy to continue with the work as long as she can.

'As they said in the course, always put 110% into what you do as in this industry, you don't always know where the next job is coming from.'


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