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Preston event raises awareness and funds for children in Syria

17 Nov 2015

Melbourne Polytechnic recently hosted an ecumenical event to raise awareness and kick off fundraising for children in Syria trapped by war. A particular need for these children, many of whom have been maimed by the fighting, is prosthetic limbs. It’s estimated that 1,500 children have lost a limb and surgery for these limbs can cost up to $4,500.

Sheikh Mohamad Mahmoud Abou Eid from Preston Mosque and Father Samir Haddad from Australian Syrian Charity emphasised that ‘warfare is no respecter of age, religious viewpoints, or political beliefs: it maims and kills indiscriminately.’

Over $1,000 was raised on the evening, which was attended by Melbourne Polytechnic students, teachers and staff of MP and the organisation’s consortium members, as well as people from Arabic Welfare, the Catholic Church, the Melkite Church and Preston Mosque.

The running of the event was facilitated by Nawal Semaan and Lindee Conway. Ms Semaan is a counsellor for all members of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP) and a member of the Assyrian Community, and Ms Conway is Head of Foundation Studies in the Faculty of Community, Health and Education. The assistance is part of Melbourne Polytechnic’s overall support for the Syrian community in Melbourne.

Funds raised through the event and post-event activities will be managed in Syria by the Syrian Charity, part of the Eastern Christian Welfare Association, connected with the Global Melkite Association.

Main photo: Melbourne Polytechnic CEO Robert Wood (left) with Sheikh Mohamad Mahmoud Abou Eid from Preston Mosque (right).

Watch the video 'Tears of Pain' about the plight of children in Syria, and please share it.

To make a donation, please contact Mr Refaat Hanna via email (ua.te1561449895n.dno1561449895pgib@1561449895annah1561449895r1561449895) or phone 0418 426 572.

Read about the event on the ABC website.


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