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Prahran’s best street art walls go up at Melbourne Polytechnic

25 Jan 2017

Australia’s premier street artists Sofles, REKA ONE, and Guido van Helten are right now transforming the sombre exterior walls of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Prahran campus and in the process building creative arts landmarks.

The seven-storey pieces, being created for the ‘Paint the Polytechnic’ project, were started in early January, and are being completed under the fascinated gaze of locals who pass by the location each day.

Produced and curated by Juddy Roller for Melbourne Polytechnic, with support from the City of Stonnington, ‘Paint the Polytechnic’ will deepen Melbourne Polytechnic's cultural legacy of public art.

“Melbourne Polytechnic has a rich history of contribution to Australia’s cultural identity via its Prahran Technical School heritage, including Rowena Clark, Elizabeth Gower, Pam Hallandal and Carol Jerrems," says Tim Nikolsky, lecturer at Melbourne Polytechnic, which offers a range of courses in the creative arts.

“It’s great to see our educational institutes taking such a forward thinking approach to the visual regeneration of their facilities, says Shaun Hossack, curator at Juddy Roller. “Street art is quickly becoming the fastest growing art movement in Australia and by supporting works of this scale, Melbourne Polytechnic is at the forefront of the movement, helping to increase the visibility and appreciation of an art form that has been long been hidden within the city’s hidden laneways.

We encourage everyone to come and visit our amazing artworks!


Media enquiries should be directed to Melbourne Polytechnic Media Officer, Anita Coia, on 03 9269 1251 or ua.ud1558915075e.cin1558915075hcety1558915075lopen1558915075ruobl1558915075em@ai1558915075dem1558915075

Melbourne Polytechnic operates across seven campuses and five specialist training centres throughout Melbourne. The institute delivers high quality vocational and higher education in industry-standard facilities.

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