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NMIT Security Technology staff throw away the key with New Inventors appearance

25 Mar 2013

NMIT Security Technology staff members, Max Cherry and Ray Ng, have their fingers on the pulse of the security technology industry with an invention that was featured on this week's New Inventors program on ABC television.

Invented and developed by Ray and Max over a period of three years, the RAYMAX lock system utilises a biometric interface between the user and a conventional mechanical lock. Put simply, the RAYMAX connects finger print scanning technology with existing mechanical locking mechanisms - this means that instead carrying a bunch of keys around, the user simply swipes their finger over a scanner to open their door.

According to NMIT Security Technology Program Coordinator, Max Cherry, the system offers a number of advantages: “There are other finger print scanning systems on the market but many of these require the fitting of an entirely new lock mechanism (which can often be of inferior quality) and require significant alterations to the door,” says Max.

“In Australia, many of our existing door locks are of a high quality so the RAYMAX allows you to keep your existing lock and fit the finger scanning technology over the top of it. It also requires less alteration to the door and you can easily remove the RAYMAX and fit it to another lock.”

Max says that the idea for the RAYMAX system came from a desire to “make something very simple that would allow a normal locksmith to move into the biometric security market without specialist training.”

“I couldn't go to sleep one night thinking about how we could do this,” said Max. “I took the idea to Ray and he put an awful lot into it and the end result is both our work,” adds Max.

The development process for the RAYMAX has also had a positive spinoff for the students in NMIT's Security Technology program which includes the Certificate II in Engineering (Locksmithing), Certificate III in Locksmithing and Diploma of Engineering Technology (Security Engineering).

“The whole development process has certainly widened the locksmithing world for us,” says Max who has made a number of trips overseas during the development of the RAYMAX including China where the product is manufactured. “We've learnt a lot more about the industry and have been able to bring new technologies into the courses at NMIT.”

While Max admits to be being “a little nervous” during the taping of the New Inventors, he and Ray were thrilled to have been featured on the program and were encouraged by the judges who said the RAYMAX had the potential for a wide application.

The RAYMAX is available for sale through the Master Locksmiths Association while Max and Ray are currently developing a wider marketing strategy. Further details on the RAYMAX are available at


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