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NMIT represents Victoria at Australia’s Top Farrier apprentice competition

21 Nov 2013

Every year farriery apprentices compete in the Australia’s Top Apprentice Farrier Competition, representing both their state and institution.

This year Victoria’s representative is Liam Sing, an apprentice student in NMIT’s Certificate III in Farriery. A third year apprentice with Master Farrier Brian Wills in Bendigo, Liam qualified for the national competition after winning the Victorian competition in July this year.

The Australia’s Top Apprentice Farrier competition, which is held annually, judges and recognises outstanding farrier apprentices across the country. In addition to the title of Australia’s top apprentice, the winner receives $500 courtesy of Victory Racing Plates.

Competitors complete five timed activities which are judged by a panel of industry professionals. These categories include both shoeing horses and metal work. The winner is decided by overall score across all categories assessed.

Colin Smith, NMIT farriery teacher, will also be heading to Queensland as Liam’s coach.

 “It’s a great event which creates a lot of camaraderie between the apprentices,” said Colin. “It runs courtesy of financial support from the industry, which is great. As a teacher I get a buzz out of seeing an NMIT student compete for the title, but more than anything it’s a proud achievement for all the competitors.”

In addition to the timed competitions taking place on the day, different institutes that teach farriery classes across Australia compete in ‘mail in’ challenges. Entire classes of students submit their work by mail. These submissions are judged ahead of the competition and given a ranking.

NMIT is proud to announce that it has won both the first and second year mail in competitions! The students submitted a collection of horse shoes which they had produced as part of the metalworking component of their course. The first and second year farriery students at NMIT placed first and have been recognised as the best in the country. This over all high level of production is testament to the quality of NMIT’s staff and students.

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