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NMIT Jewellery teacher wins ISSI Overseas Fellowship

18 Nov 2013

NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) Jewellery teacher and small business owner, Desma Noble, has been awarded an overseas fellowship with the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI).

The ISSI overseas fellowship funds industry professionals and teachers to travel overseas and learn from the industries of other countries. The ISSI fellowship program is designed to grow collective knowledge by encouraging communication between countries. This year, ten fellowships were made available by the Victorian government.

Desma has won her fellowship for research into Laser and Pulse-arc welding techniques on Jewellery. These welders fuse metals instantly, with microscopic precision, eliminating the heat and oxidisation issues associated with traditional soldering techniques. This is a relatively new technology and with the growing accessibility of these welders, information on their use is important to the Australian Jewellery industry.

“It’s important that Australian Jewellers learn how to apply their skills with this new technology,” said Desma. “Introducing these skills and techniques to local jewellers will allow us to routinely accomplish tasks that are otherwise impossible or so time consuming that they are just not economically feasible.”

Desma will be taking advanced courses on the use of Pulse-Arc and Laser Welders in Germany and the United States where they are produced. As part of her fellowship, Desma will share the information she has acquired with both students and colleagues on her return.

Desma has been a teacher in the Jewellery program at NMIT since 2006. She also owns and operates a Jewellery designing and handcrafting business, Noble House Fine Jewellery, with her husband Jeff.

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