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New salon for Collingwoods Changing Environs

26 Mar 2013

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) has developed a new hairdressing salon at the Collingwood campus as part of a refurbishment of the campus to accommodate new training programs to cater for the lifestyle of the community living in the trendy inner suburbs.

The salon offers apprentices the most modern environs equipped with the latest technology and work stations that complement their creativity with coiffures.

''It's so classy and up to date with everything designed for us so we can work to our very best standard; easily and efficiently,' first-year apprentice Rebecca Arfi said.

Rebecca, 16, who works for a hairdressing business in Thomastown, attends the campus every Tuesday for her formal training.

The campus salon, designed in bright but aesthetic colours such as red, black, grey and chrome, has 32 work stations and eight shampoo stations with both hair colour and overhead dryers. It includes a reception/administration area as well as a classroom with six PCs for teaching theory. There is a foyer area for clients to sit comfortably before their due appointments.

The reception/administration area with its own dispensary will be managed by apprentices as a practising salon so the apprentices gain first-hand experience working in and assisting in the salon's management. Apprentices must learn not just about hair style techniques, but organisational skills to ensure salons run effectively and efficiently in such areas as product supply, client details and appointments.

The equipment has been designed by Agigi in consultation with NMIT staff.

With skill shortages across the hairdressing industry, NMIT offers apprentices flexible, self-paced learning designed to enhance their time of training in accordance with the nationally accredited training package.

According to NMIT Hairdressing Program Coordinator Mary Palermo-Butera, if apprentices are progressing quickly, they can work through their study units to enable them to complete their formal schooling earlier than traditionally allowed for.

For the three-year apprenticeship, formal training, one day a week, is usually completed in two years with the third year on the job full-time.

'We have designed the training so apprentices can learn at their own pace and have the opportunity to move forward. The National Quality Training Framework allows for this provision as apprentices all have different styles of learning and can work the way it suits them as individuals,' Mary said.

This new initiative in the industry is also accompanied by other new developments in training where employers may prefer to train their apprentices on the job with NMIT staff conducting assessments on site at the workplace or in the new salon where the apprentices attend for the assessments.

Training can now be negotiated with the employer and NMIT is building partnerships within the industry to enable employers to train apprentices themselves.

'This means employers now have the choice to opt for their own training or adhere to more traditional training at NMIT but apprentices must be assessed by an accredited training institute.'

The new salon can accommodate approximately 40 clients for a range of hairdressing services from a basic blow-wave to advanced cutting and creative colouring through to perms, straightening, and a straight shampoo and set.

'It offers both men and women in the general public traditional hair services with reasonable prices according to service delivered,' Mary said.

'Our salon is at the cutting edge in providing an optimum learning environment that reflects the new lifestyles of the community now living in Collingwood.'

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