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Melbourne Polytechnic working towards new facilities

04 Oct 2014

With programs due to commence at the start of 2014 on the former Swinburne University Prahran campus, Melbourne Polytechnic are fast-tracking to upgrade and build new facilities at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Students of Music Performance and Sound Production will enjoy working and creating in a new established suite of practice rooms. The facility will consist of four large band room, eight individual practice/tuition rooms and one centrally located sound recording control room which will provide users with a facility designed for music rehearsals, recording and playback.

Melbourne Polytechnic will also use the campus’ existing David Williamson Theatre for regular music performance in addition to theatre activities and dramatic productions.

Melbourne Polytechnic is proud to be introducing Music Performance programs to the Stonnington area, as these programs have not previously been offered at the Prahran site. Melbourne Polytechnic is anticipating strong demand for places and have strategies in place to expand our Music Performance facility in 2015.

Planning has commenced for the implementation of two large photographic studio areas capable of dividing into a multitude of smaller studios to cater for individual student projects. This facility will include a high-end processing area, computer labs and facilities for technical staff.

While the Prahran campus already has well equipped hospitality training facilities and a fully functioning restaurant, Melbourne Polytechnic plans to expand these facilities with coffee shops located around the campus. These will be operated by our Hospitality trainers and students and bring more of the Chapel Street coffee culture to the Prahran campus.

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