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Melbourne Polytechnic rebranding wins Australian Business Award

16 Aug 2017

Melbourne Polytechnic’s highly successful rebranding from NMIT has been recognised with a win in the 2017 Australian Business Awards, in the “Brand Management” category.


This change of name was part of a wider strategic process to transform the institute into a contemporary provider of high quality, industry-relevant education and student experiences.

“It’s rare to have an opportunity to build a new brand from the ground up, and we’re delighted that our hard work and success has been recognised with this award,” says Natalie Robinson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Melbourne Polytechnic. “It’s a fantastic pat on the back for our team, who worked very hard to achieve the turnaround and subsequent commercial outcome.”

The challenges of a rapidly changing education environment

Part of the challenge was the fact that the term ‘polytechnic’ is not well recognised or understood in Australia, even though it aligned more closely with what the institution offered, compared to a traditional TAFE. It was also a concept that had greater recognition internationally – specifically across Europe and Asia.

On a wider scale, the concept of TAFE was experiencing change in acceptance in a more complex educational marketplace. The name ‘Melbourne Polytechnic’ resonates more broadly with the market and was aimed at strengthening its position internationally and continuing to build its status as one of Australia’s most successful exporters of education.   

To relaunch the new brand, Melbourne Polytechnic focussed on building a strong brand position, and using the insights from ongoing brand tracking surveys to continually inform and improve campaigns. 

“We used intensive customer research and strong clarifying messaging, which resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and engagement over just eighteen months,” says Ms Robinson.

“We also saw a huge increase in recognition in the market of our brand values of being modern and future-focussed, whilst still maintaining trust as a high quality, government-owned education provider” said Rob Wood, CEO, Melbourne Polytechnic, adding, “This is an outstanding result for the Institute.”

The result - a distinctive brand identity

The Melbourne Polytechnic marketing initiative resulted in a marked, double-digit increase in new student enrolments, with higher brand awareness and brand equity in the market. The previously unknown name has been transformed into a distinctive brand identity that people recognise and understand.

“The distinctive new visual identity and ‘polytechnic’ model has given the organisation a strong foundation upon which to build future strategic projects,” says Greg Madigan, Executive Director of Industry Partnerships, Marketing and Student Acquisition, “and has helped to strengthen the concept of ‘polytechnic’ within Australia.”  


Media enquiries should be directed to Melbourne Polytechnic Media Officer, Anita Coia, on 03 9269 1251 or ua.ud1561447816e.cin1561447816hcety1561447816lopen1561447816ruobl1561447816em@ai1561447816dem1561447816

Melbourne Polytechnic operates across seven campuses and five specialist training centres throughout Melbourne. The institute delivers high quality vocational and higher education in industry-standard facilities.

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