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Melbourne Polytechnic introduces online Diploma of Business

12 Dec 2013

Are you keen to get ahead by improving your business qualifications, but can't find the time to get out to classes?

We understand that life is busy, so Melbourne Polytechnic has introduced the online Diploma of Business.

Put yourself ahead of the crowd! Make your spare time work for you with our online Diploma of Business. We'll help you gain a broad understanding of key business concepts and how to apply them, and learn how to be effective in business.

Build your business acumen and learn a wide variety of business skills

  • Study at your own pace with the support of our experienced trainers.
  • Learn to interpret and understand market trends, identify marketing opportunities and ensure you have the right marketing mix to successfully communicate your message.
  • Embrace and build an innovative workplace using key leadership skills.
  • Lead projects effectively and manage business risk.
  • Learn the skills to drive continuous improvement in the workplace.

For more information... 

Please go to our course information page here, or contact one of our Education and Careers Advisors on email ua.ud1556142844e.cin1556142844hcety1556142844lopen1556142844ruobl1556142844em@se1556142844sruoc1556142844