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Melbourne Polytechnic embraces Enviroweek

16 Jun 2015

Melbourne Polytechnic encouraged staff and students to embrace practical ways to help the environment across all its campuses throughout Enviroweek, 1-5 June.

As part of the Enviroweek activities, Melbourne Polytechnic promoted their public place recycling program, which was partly funded by the Australian Packaging Covenant and aims to encourage staff and students to use the specially marked bins for landfill, commingled recyclables (cans and bottles), and paper and cardboard recyclables.

One of the fun activities was the ‘Bike ‘n’ Blend’ challenge – using pedal power to power a blender and make your own smoothie. The underlying message was raising awareness of what it takes to maintain our lifestyles and the impact this has on the environment.

To inform people about environmentally friendly alternatives, Melbourne Polytechnic Student Life & Media (SLAM) served free soup for students in fully compostable cups, eaten with recyclable spoons and accompanied by napkins made from the same materials. All used cups, spoons and napkins were collected and disposed of in special bins, and will be used as compost around the campus.


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Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT) operates across six campuses and five specialist training centres throughout Melbourne. The institute delivers high quality vocational education in industry-standard facilities.