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Melbourne Polytechnic Carpentry students use skills to help Mt Evelyn Football Netball club

19 May 2015

It’s all very well to train for a trades career, but how do you know the skills you’re learning will really be useful in a real-world situation?

At Melbourne Polytechnic, we believe in equipping our students so they can move straight into work and immediately use the skills they have learned.

Our 2014 and 2015 Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) students were given the opportunity to work on a commission for the Mt Evelyn Football Netball Club, which had received a brand new netball court but were lacking a change room.

“The players literally had nowhere to change, and were resorting to using their cars,” says Simon Hester, Onsite and Industry Liaison, Melbourne Polytechnic Building and Construction Program.

“For us, this was a great chance to work on a commissioned project that would have a real-life function. It was also a good way to give the students some experience in collaborating with other trades, as it involved staff and students from carpentry, joinery, painting, plastering, plumbing and waterproofing.”

The 2014 students built the change room as part of their coursework, and in April the room was split in half, trucked to the site at Mt Evelyn Reserve and assembled onto the stumps that were installed by the 2015 students. The 2015 cohort returned the next day to attach the verandah, deck and wheelchair ramp.

“The change room was fully fitted with a kitchen sink, storage cupboards and a bathroom. It just needed to be rejoined and connected to services. We also ensured that it was fully disabled accessible by including an access ramp and appropriate facilities in the bathroom,” says Simon.

The aim of the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) course is to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge to complete an apprenticeship in carpentry or one of the other trades in the Construction or Joinery/Shopfitting/Stairbuilding industries.

The netball change room will be officially opened at the end of May 2015.



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