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Sweet Tweets for NMIT songwriter from Olivia Newton-John

23 Mar 2013

The Head of NMIT's new Bachelor of Music Industry degree, Greg Arnold, and final year NMIT Bachelor of Music student, Monique Zucco have been given a global 'thumbs up' by Australian entertainment icon, Olivia Newton-John.

ONJ recently posted a video on her website for the song 'Olivia' - the debut single for Greg and Monique's new band, The Swamp Dandies.

'Olivia', an irresistible piece of country-tinged pop, caught the attention of Newton-John after fans posted the video on her fan page in mid-January. The single quickly gathered attention on-line which prompted Olivia to post the video on her website, Facebook page and to fire off some complimentary tweets including:

“Awww thanks Swamp Dandies!! Sooo flattered! Catchy too!” and “Special thanks again to the Swamp Dandies for their hilarious and clever song 'Olivia' - good on ya mates!”

The single, penned by Greg Arnold (former lead singer for Things of Stone and Wood, ARIA Award winner and APRA Songwriter of the Year) is something of a celebration of ONJ. The video makes admiring references to key stages in the star's career with Arnold lounging around his home while a familiar figure (we never see her face) in black 'Grease' lycra, 'Xanadu' roller skates and 'Physical' leotard shimmies, skates and aerobicises her way through his house.

The video also features fellow Swamp Dandies John Bedggood (Bernard Fanning and the Wilson Pickers) and NMIT Bachelor of Music student, Monique Zucco. Monique is currently part of the Swamp Dandies touring line up and will tour with the band this year while completing the final year of her NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) degree at the Fairfield campus.

“It's great to have Olivia personally acknowledging the single in such a positive way,” said Greg Arnold, Head of Program for the NMIT Bachelor of Music Industry degree which commences this year and includes three relevant major strands - Songwriting, Record Production and Management. “The international attention couldn't have come at a better time for NMIT's Music Industry degree because it underlines the program's 'real outcomes' philosophy.”

One of the key strengths of the new NMIT Music Industry degree program is that it features teaching staff who are active in the music industry as well as committed educators (they don't just talk the talk - they walk the walk).

While promoting her new movie, A Few Best Men, in Australia recently, Newton-John talked up the 'Olivia' single and video on Network 10's The Circle while her enthusiasm for Arnold's song has made headlines in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and even the Nashville media.

The single has also been widely played on ABC radio, Rage, Music Max and CMC TV while the song has so far had over 5000 views on YouTube.

'Olivia' features on the Swamp Dandies debut album 'Fall' which launched last November and is available through Strum Pop/Mind's Eye Records / MGM.

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