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NMIT Community rallies to support Japanese students affected by earthquake

25 Mar 2013

NMIT students and teachers traumatised by the recent earthquake in Japan will take time out this Friday to connect, play bowls and share a meal at Alphington Bowls Club.

The event, co-sponsored by NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE) and Alphington Bowls Club, was the brainchild of NMIT Hospitality instructor and Alphington Bowls Club Champion, Greg Payne, who saw the need for an event that gathered members of the Japanese community together in the wake of the recent disaster.

“I noticed a few Japanese students looking very sad around campus and I thought it would be good to organise a gathering where they can be together.”

“They can network and make new friends. The Japanese students here are spread across eight campuses, so a lot of them have never met before. We wanted to do something to counsel them.”

NMIT has 35 students and five teachers from Japan, most of whom are expected to attend the Lawn Bowls outing this Friday, where Greg will serve a Japanese feast of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes), mizuna salad and tuna.

Japanese expatriates and international students living in Melbourne have been active on the internet throughout the continuing crisis in Japan, with many uniting on social networking sites like Facebook to connect and raise funds for victims.

A counsellor from NMIT's student services department will also be attending the event, in case any of the students wish to receive counselling.

Also in the planning stages is a benefit concert for earthquake victims, organised by NMIT's Music Department. The event will be held on Friday, June 3rd at the Yarra Edge Music Centre at NMIT's Fairfield campus. Head of NMIT's Music Program, Jonathan Dimond says the concert line-up will include performers from the Bachelor of Music course.

What: NMIT bowls afternoon for Japanese students and staff.
When: Friday 1 April, 5.15 pm
Where: Alphington Bowls Club, Alphington

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