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Farewell to a new friend from Timor-Leste

25 Mar 2013

NMIT said farewell today to Januario Mok, who has spent the past three months studying at NMIT and working with NMIT staff as part of an Endeavour (Executive) Award.

Januario, from Timor-Leste, wears a number of hats within the East Timor Development Agency (ETDA) including General Program Manager, Liaison Officer, Customising Training Manager, IT Coordinator and Teacher of Leadership Management and Critical and Creative Thinking.

He chose to work within NMIT for his Endeavour Award because he felt “NMIT's Leadership and Management Training package could be adapted to the needs of Timor-Leste”.

The ETDA covers development in a number of key fields for Timor-Leste including Training, Employment, Tourism, Business, Research and the Arts - all managed by Timor-Leste locals. “Leadership and management skills and experience are in high demand in Timor-Leste,” says Januario.

During his time at NMIT Januario was mentored by and received one-on-one training from Faculty of Business Development Manager, Donald Warren. Januario completed four units from the Diploma of Management and participated in a variety of faculty and service unit activities including:

• observing on-site delivery of Management workshops by Jeff Prentice (BEC) to the Department of Primary Industries
• attending NMIT Higher Education lectures in Business
• attending a careers teachers day
• a training session for students on managing mental illness
• talking with staff from Marketing and Corporate Communications, Personal Services, International Office, Business Higher Ed and Business Administration
• visits to Epping, Heidelberg and Collingwood campuses.

Januario's goal was to learn as much as he could about NMIT's systems and processes for Leadership and Management Training in order to adapt it to the needs of Timor-Leste, particularly for the training of unemployed youth, local and international NGOs and Timor-Leste government employees such as the police force.

“He's a really impressive guy,” says Donald Warren. “He would see something here and that very night he would be on Skype to his Director in Timor-Leste and they would be implementing it immediately back home.”

During his time in Melbourne Januario visited other TAFEs / RTOS but says he thought NMIT was the most impressive ... “They (NMIT Business and BEC staff) have great experience ... they're really professional and flexible”.

Januario's first visit to Melbourne also included his first experience of snow, courtesy of Donald Warren who took Januario on a day trip to Mt Buller.

Januario heads back to Timor-Leste on Sunday and hopes the relationship between the ETDA and NMIT can develop further.

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