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Its courses for horses as NMIT honours top students

25 Mar 2013

Top NMIT student, Kate Langdon, could soon play a big part in the future of the Australian thoroughbred horse industry.

The final year student is one of the first group of students to graduate from the NMIT Bachelor of Equine Studies - a purpose built degree for those seeking employment in the equine industry.

Kate is also one of a number of NMIT students soon to be honoured at the Institute's Faculty of Earth Sciences Study Grant Ceremony. She will receive a $12,000 grant from Iskander Racing and Breeding for her outstanding academic performance during the Bachelor of Equine Studies program and plans to use the grant to attend a short course in equine artificial insemination at Colorado State University in the United States.

Kate is a strong advocate for the use of artificial insemination in the Australian thoroughbred breeding industry (where it is currently prohibited) to achieve greater commercial efficiencies, safer servicing and to control the spread of diseases such as Equine Influenza which devastated the industry in 2007.

“You could put regulations in place so that it (artificial insemination) would actually benefit the racing industry,” says Kate. “It's safer than natural servicing because you're not having as much risk of disease transmission from the stallion to the mare or physical injury. You can use a lot less semen and monitor your stallion's fertility a lot more accurately.

“Last year there was a big push, in Australia, for artificial insemination to become legalised because of Equine Influenza and it didn't go through. I think (attending the course in Colorado) would give me more knowledge about the techniques used and why it (artificial insemination) is used as opposed to natural service. I think (the course) will help me to understand it better which means that I could argue the case more.”

Kate's award success has also resulted in an unexpected surprise … “NMIT had Dr Jaymie Noland from Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University) come and give us a couple of lectures a few weeks ago and she pulled me aside and said, 'I heard you've won this award and you want to do this (the short course at Colorado) and you should come and visit us as well' so I think I'll do that too.”

Kate will be joined at the Study Grants Ceremony by a number of other top NMIT students who have excelled in farriery, stud management and racing studies.

“Our Earth Sciences Study Grants provide fantastic opportunities for our students,” says NMIT Equine Studies Program Coordinator, Phil Jones. “Two of our Racing certificate students will receive grants to attend David Hayes' Lindsay Park in South Australia, one of the most successful racing, training and breeding operations in the country. We also have three Diploma of Equine Studies students being awarded paid internships at world-class thoroughbred studs in New Zealand, Ireland and Kentucky (USA) while our top Certificate of Farriery students are also being recognised with great prizes.”

What: Faculty of Earth Sciences Study Grant Ceremony 2008
When: Thursday 16 October, 2.45 pm
Where: NMIT Epping Campus


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