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DEAMS and Melbourne Polytechnic collaborate to create art piece

05 Oct 2014

Melbourne Polytechnic, online pop culture website Pedestrian.TV and acclaimed local artist DEAMS have collaborated to produce a stunning piece of art that will have pride of place in the new Melbourne Polytechnic campus at Prahran.

Destined to adorn the foyer of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Visual Arts building, the massive creation (3m by 2.5m) distils the essence of studying at Melbourne Polytechnic and combines it with a distinctly contemporary urban spirit.

The official unveiling of the piece, titled ‘Passing Through’, took place on Thursday 6 March, 2014.

To create the piece, two students, Tayla Broekman and Shawn Lu, visited DEAMS in his studio to provide some input into the piece so that it would reflect the spirit of studying at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Shawn, who has just completed his Bachelor of Illustration, was very impressed with the experience and thought DEAMS was very down-to-earth.

‘It was a really positive experience,’ he said. ‘I learnt a fair bit about how he operates as an artist and how he has successfully put the different aspects of his background together to get where he is today.’

Shawn also enjoyed the experience of seeing their ideas represented on canvas. ‘It was very exciting to visit him again to see the piece as he was working on it. We could clearly see the elements we had talked about, like the feeling of community you get, the exchange of ideas with classmates and lecturers, coming to life in the piece.’

Tayla, who is currently studying the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development, was familiar with DEAMS’s work around Melbourne. ‘It was so interesting to talk to him about the emotional content of his work and his evolution in style, and the changes in his life that provoked that,’ she said.

‘We had a great rapport, and it was amazing to see the work in progress after helping prepare the original sketches. DEAMS explained how our ideas have been translated into the piece.’

Working with the students was a bit of a departure for DEAMS, who often develops his pieces alone. ‘Working with the students on this project has been both engaging and inspiring,’ he said. ‘Their involvement in a usually independent development process reminds me of how important it is to share your experiences with other artists, and to open yourself up to the world in order to gain perspective.’

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