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Composing Competition opens for music degree students

21 Nov 2013

NMIT, in partnership with Replicat, are excited to announce that Submissions are now open for the second ComposeReanimATE competition.

The object of ComposeREanimATE is for Bachelor of Music students to produce a musical soundtrack for one of 8 short animations made by 2nd-year Bachelor of Illustration students.

Creative collaboration between Higher Education students within the Creative Arts Department and other faculties has been encouraged through various projects, including this competition.

The winning composer will receive a 500 CD duplication prize from Replicat as well as an NMIT prize hamper.

Entry in ComposeReanimATE is open to Bachelor of Music students that have enrolled in 2013. The winning Finalist will be determined by 3 judges from the Industry.

Submissions Open: November 2013
Entries Close: 7th February 2014 4pm
Finalists Announced: 12th February 2014
Winner Announced: 24th February 2014
More Information: Calling all Composers

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