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Choose Tap this World Plumbing Day 2014

07 Mar 2014

To celebrate World Plumbing Day on Tuesday, 11 March students from NMIT Heidelberg have installed a Choose Tap water refill station. The water refill station makes drinking water easily accessible and encourages students to Choose Tap and stay hydrated. Plumbing students installed the water refill station themselves as part of the training for their course.

Tony Kelly, Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water said that World Plumbing Day began in 2010 to help members of the public understand the important role that plumbers have in providing services which are essential in our daily lives.

“It is important for plumbers to stay hydrated and alert. Dehydration can occur when there is not enough water in the body and feeling thirsty is only one of the signs that you are dehydrated. It can also cause concentration to reduce by up to 13%. Staying hydrated is extremely important, particularly when you are doing a physical job such as a plumber.

Rachael Keefe, Sustainability Officer at NMIT said that signing up to the Choose Tap program is part of our commitment to sustainability across all of our campuses. “This is the fifth Choose Tap water refill station we will be installing, which will help to provide free access to drinking water in a visible location. We are pleased to support a program which promotes good health and encourages our students to take care of themselves, as well as making people think about the financial and environmental costs of drinking bottled water. 

NMIT Heidelberg will be holding an event for students on World Plumbing Day including- 

12.00 - 1.00pm

  • Yarra Valley Water display and launch of new Choose Tap water refill station.
  • Choose Tap water bottle giveaways.
  • Reece Plumbing display with info and giveaways
  • Steel Blue Boots display. Students can win a pair of boots.
  • Free hot dogs for lunch.


  • Great Meter Race. Plumbing apprentices will challenge their class mates and teachers for awesome prizes. 

Mr Kelly added that under the Choose Tap program 50 water refill stations have been installed in council parks, universities and shopping centres. “We have worked with TAFE and universities to install water refill stations on site, so that staff, students and visitors can fill up their bottles for free in convenient locations. In the first 18 months (Mid 2013) since the water refill stations were installed 750,000 litres of water, which is the equivalent of 3 million cups of water, was consumed, equal to 1,250,000 plastic bottles saved from landfill.

“Plumbers are also often out and about for much of their day, so we are letting students know about our Choose Tap app which shows you where the nearest water refill station is located. Our Choose Tap App is free to download and available for smart 

Yarra Valley Water’s free “Choose Tap” App can help you find drinking taps near your location. The Choose Tap App is available for both IPhone and Android smartphone in each respective market place. To find out more about Choose Tap visit or download the app at

If you would like more information about World Plumbers Day visit

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