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Centre of Applied Innovation will transform Australia’s innovation agenda

18 Oct 2016

In a move acknowledging the urgent need to create a workforce that can flourish and contribute in a radically different market over the next 30-40 years, Melbourne Polytechnic has announced the launch of its Centre of Applied Innovation.

The Centre of Applied Innovation will host groundbreaking tools developed by Melbourne Polytechnic’s Executive Director of Innovation and Transformation, Dr David E Martin, and designed to quantify and leverage the equity in intangible assets in publicly trade and private firms.


Photo: Dr David Martin

Dr Martin is a globally recognised futurist and expert in innovation finance, trade, and intangible asset finance, whose work on ethical engagement and stewardship of community and commons-based value interests is at the forefront of global financial innovation.

The Centre of Applied Innovation will be the only educational institute globally with the capability to access and apply innovation and market analytics to the repository of intangible assets such as patents, publications and trademarks.

“What better way to transform Australia’s innovation agenda and support the reconfiguration to a knowledge based economy than to give Australian industry and the next generation of leaders access to the global repository of innovation disclosure,” says Rob Wood, CEO of Melbourne Polytechnic

Hosting the world’s largest repository of global innovation coupled with unique financial and innovation analytics capability, the Centre will be a platform for building innovation capability in industry and will be the driver for a new education program for the knowledge economy.

“Fundamentally, innovation does not happen in a vacuum. It is a process of discovery, augmentation and synthesis focused towards new problems and opportunities,” says Mr Wood. “We are developing an educational model that assists students and our industry partners thrive in a knowledge based economy.

“This new paradigm requires new and emerging capabilities, and it is our intent to establish foundational programming that prepares students to thrive in Australia’s economic future.”

“In Australia, particularly, we have a remarkable opportunity that is not currently being taken up to access open-source innovation,” says Dr Martin. “This is a unique situation internationally, and the Centre of Applied Innovation will be a key driver in developing the skills required to extract maximum value from this raw material.”

The Centre of Applied Innovation will specifically support industry partnerships to ensure that program development, delivery, applied research and capability are relevant to current and future industry requirements.

Strategic, world-class partnerships will also be a key part of the Centre’s mode of operation, ensuring relevance and capability-building for the world stage.

“Our intent is to be the first tertiary institution dedicated to helping students and industry thrive in a 21st century knowledge economy,” says Mr Wood. “We know there are a myriad of opportunities for people who can apply innovative thinking in a real sense; to create change and be relevant in a world where many traditional industries and careers are no longer viable, yet are still being trained.”

This learning will be supported by meaningful, industry-integrated capstone projects that can potentially allow students to immediately provide real benefit to industry sponsors and gain the essential experience of applied innovation.

“We are committed to delivering what we believe is the true meaning of a polytechnic, grounded in the application of ideas for and with business and industry, anchored in the concepts of innovation, analytics, creativity and critical thinking,” says Mr Wood.

For more information about Melbourne Polytechnic’s Centre of Applied Innovation, visit our website or contact us for a discussion with our CEO Rob Wood or Executive Director of Innovation and Transformation David Martin.

Read about Melbourne Polytechnic's strategy in the Australian Financial Review, November 13, 2016.


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