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‘The Block’ transforms Melbourne Polytechnic’s Creative Spaces

05 Oct 2014

Melbourne Polytechnic was the site of a renovation challenge on one of Australia’s top rating productions ‘The Block’, in an episode aired last night on Channel 9.

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Prahran campus has long been a place where students have learnt to combine technical knowledge with creativity, while the local Prahran area has developed a reputation as a Melbourne hot spot for design, fashion, music and theatre.

To support the individual artists and creative groups that make Prahran the cool place that it is, Melbourne Polytechnic has developed Creative Spaces , a place where artists, and creative businesses can work and feed off the creative energy in the Melbourne Polytechnic campus.

“Artists and business working in these spaces will have the opportunity to work with Melbourne Polytechnic students and staff and have access to many campus facilities,” said Melbourne Polytechnic  Associate Director of Development, Glenn Blair.

To help kick-start this exciting project ‘The Block’ contestants took on the challenge of renovating five Creative Spaces for Melbourne Polytechnic.

Their challenge was to turn these spaces into inspiring workplaces that get the creative juices flowing and where great ideas become reality.

The contestants transformed the five rooms using distinctive themes that transport occupants far away from the usual office environment including a futuristic black and white pod theme, a playful primary-coloured thinking space with chalkboard ideas wall and beanbags, and a rainforest theme complete with fake grass and a living wall garden.  You can see some of the themes here: .

The Block airs on Channel 9 Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm.

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Melbourne Polytechnic is an exciting new educational provider operated by parent Institute, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE. Melbourne Polytechnic delivers certificate, diploma and degree programs across a wide range of creative, commercial and service industries. In addition, Melbourne Polytechnic delivers selected higher education programs in conjunction with La Trobe University.

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