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Arborist Amanda Woodhams awarded Victorian Trainee of the Year

25 Aug 2018

Arboriculture student Amanda Woodhams has won the Victorian Training Award for Trainee of the Year, announced at the awards ceremony held at Crown Palladium on 24 August 2018.

Amanda, originally from Perth, started her working life as an actor and it was on set one day gazing at the trees she realised that’s exactly where she wanted to be. Amanda had volunteered at community gardens and adored being outdoors, she researched arboriculture courses around Australia and came to Melbourne Polytechnic, based on the programs excellent reputation in the industry.

Starting with a Certificate III in Arboriculture, Amanda is now working through her Diploma which focuses on consultant specialisations in tree identification, legislation, pests and diseases.

Amanda says ‘all the teachers and students are unified by a love a trees and there so much common ground, and my teachers couldn’t have been more supportive. Arboriculture isn’t traditionally an area that attracts many females – this is definitely changing though as everyone has different strengths and contributions to the industry. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days climbing trees!’

Managing a significant, mature, Australian public space is Amanda’s career dream, “tree management in public parks is and gardens is critical to both public safety and the enduring value of any dynamic landscape”.

Congratulations Amanda and we wish you the very best of luck in your successful career as a deeply passionate arborist.

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