Centre of Applied Innovation

Welcome to the Centre of Applied Innovation at Melbourne Polytechnic.

The Centre of Applied Innovation links the globally-minded learner to the world’s cutting edge developments in every field of human endeavour. Biotechnology, Cybersecurity, Nanomaterials, Textiles, Food Production, Defence, Gaming and Entertainment, Off-grid Living, Communications, Intelligent Ecosystems, Wellness – if you can think of it, we can build the bridge between your passion and the world that can put it to good use.

Hosting the only academically integrated finance and innovation intelligence system, Melbourne Polytechnic is the first tertiary education institute to provide students and industry partners access to the world’s single largest global repository of innovation and analytics. The Centre of Applied Innovation’s proprietary linguistic and financial analytics capability enables the integration of complex foresight, data analytics and market intelligence.

Applied Innovation contextualises great ideas and places them into actionable contexts and situations. Far too often, the great ideas stay just that – great ideas. Until now, there was no standardised method to:

  1. Identify relevant contexts… into which creativity can achieve its greatest impact
  2. Link diverse communities… with similar interests, challenges or solutions
  3. Provide instant accessibility… researchers and businesses in over 168 countries to form just-in-time collaboration.

Our commitment is to be the System Integrator of the world’s leading innovators, learners, and commercial partners.

We host the Global Innovation Commons – over $2 trillion of global research and development disclosures. Precisely measuring the market impact of innovation with the world’s leading quantitative equity index (affiliated with the CNBC IQ100 powered by M·CAM). We are your solution from grassroots to global innovation.

Melbourne Polytechnic is a vital asset to our students, our industry, research and academic partners, as well as the State of Victoria, Australia and the World.

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