Women in Trades


Melbourne Polytechnic is strongly dedicated to assisting women to enter the Building and Construction industry. Our courses will teach you a professional trade to help you realise your goals.

Trades such as plumbing, carpentry, building or electrical offer flexible working hours, travel opportunities, a continuous stream of job opportunities, and an immense sense of pride at the completion of a project and a fantastic salary! Larger numbers of women are joining these trade professions, proving that a non-traditional career path can bring great rewards.

If you’re not sure about a complete change of career or you would like to learn more about a particular trade, consider doing a pre-apprenticeship. Pre-apprenticeships are a fantastic way to ‘dip your toe’ into an industry to see whether it will suit your lifestyle and career choices. The courses typically run for approximately six months full time (or 12 months part time) and will give you an insight into a trade or service. Unlike a full apprenticeship, you do not need an employer to start a pre-apprenticeship, however the benefits of having your chosen pre-apprenticeship skill will greatly improve your chances of securing employment and an apprenticeship placement.

Find out more about Melbourne Polytechnic's pre-apprenticeships here

You can read an interview here on the ABC program 'The World Today' about Women in Trades.

If you would like to embark on a fulfilling career in trades, take a look at these videos of women who have taken the tradie leap and contact our Course Enquiry Centre to get started. 

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