Workplace Communications Skills


Melbourne Polytechnic's Faculty of Further Education's Industry and Initiatives Unit has extensive experience partnering with employers to help workers to meet their current and future workplace communications skills needs.

Improved workplace communications skills of workers increases labour productivity and helps workplaces to manage:

  • Increasing regulatory and legislative compliance including quality, safety, food safety, workplace security and environmental standards
  • Market expansion and globalisation
  • Changing worker demographics such as the ageing workforce
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining workers
  • Changing employment arrangements including outsourcing, contracting and casualisation
  • Increasing rate of technological advancement and obsolescence
  • Greater customer and customer service demands
Answer the following questions to find out if your workplace can benefit from improved workplace communications skills.
Do employees understand and follow workplace policies and procedures?
Do employees contribute meaningfully in meetings and discussions?
Do employees participate fully in training and assessment activities?
Do employees confidently troubleshoot and problem solve?
Do employees follow written and verbal instructions?
Do employees give and receive feedback constructively?
Do employees adopt and adapt to new technologies and work practices willingly and efficiently?
Do employees work safely and participate in the consultative process?
Do employees understand and maintain compliance standards?
Do employees engage in the continuous improvement process?
Do employees read and correctly interpret workplace signs, notices and graphs?
Do employees work effectively in a team?
Do workplace leaders demonstrate effective leadership skills?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions contact Melbourne Polytechnic now to find out how we can help you to improve the communications skills of your workforce.

Further Information

Fotina Babalis – Workplace Learning Manager
Phone: 03 9269 1152
Fax: 03 9269 1011

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