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Workers in Transition


Workers in Transition/Retrenched workers
Victorian Industry has felt the impact of global economic changes over the last 12 months, particularly in the automotive industry.  This has meant widespread loss of employment through sectors that supply to this industry.

Whilst workers employed directly by Ford and Toyota have access to in-house redeployment and training programs, those employed in businesses that are part of the supply chain have alternative options facilitated by the Victorian Government.

Programs have been established to assist workers though retraining or up-skilling via subsidised training and, in some circumstances, a training eligibility waiver.
Your organisation may be involved in some of these government programs and initiatives. Please refer to the information below and check with your employer.

Workers in Transition Program (WIT)
The WIT Program works with businesses facing closures or restructuring, to provide retrenched staff with an opportunity to up skill and gain a qualification to assist in transiting to new employment.

For a business to participate in the program they need to contact the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Regional Market Facilitation Manager. In the Northern Metropolitan Region, that is Ian McMillan – 0418 680 719. They will then work with Regional Manager to ensure that employees are provided with all information including the WIT Program Eligibility Letter.

Because all TAFE’s have a full range of services including career advice, they work with businesses to assist their staff in providing advice, skills analysis and training.
You can find out more information on the WTP program here. 

Automotive Supply Chain Initiative
The Automotive Supply Chain Initiative provides expanded access to government subsidised training and career advice to employees of the automotive supply chain in Victoria. This initiative runs parallel with the WIT Program above.

As of July 2014, automotive supply chain industry workers will have access to Workforce Development Centres offering career and transition advice and training opportunities.
An employer or employee can contact the Workforce Development Centre to find out more about the service and how they can access these services in the first instance.
For an employee looking to transition from automotive to another career, they need to register at a Workforce Development Centre who will organise for them to access independent career and transition advice before deciding on what sort of retraining best suits their needs.

Melbourne Polytechnic
Once you have registered and received your letter, take a look at Melbourne Polytechnic's courses and find one that may help you upgrade your current skills or train you in a different career.
You can access all Melbourne Polytechnic courses here.

Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Program (AISAP)
The AISAP provides redundant workers from eligible manufacturing companies in the automotive industry (including component suppliers) immediate access to intensive employment support.  These services are tailored to the individual needs of the job seeker and can include help with resume preparation, job applications, interview skills, career advice, training to obtain tickets or licences, work experience and other assistance to help them find new employment that is best suited to their specific circumstances.
The AISAP is administered by the Department of Employment through Job Services Australia until 30 June 2018.

Eligible job seekers can register directly for employment support with a Job Services Australia provider and do not need to be on income support to receive this assistance.
Job Services Australia providers will help these job seekers to develop a tailored Employment Pathway Plan to help them find another job as quickly as possible.  This plan will be regularly reviewed when both parties meet.  These job seekers will also benefit from additional assistance such as employment subsidies, equipment and training through the Employment Pathway Fund.