Certificate I in Transition Education

Work Education Department


Melbourne Polytechnic's Certificate I in Transition Education will help you gain the confidence and skills you’ll need to make decisions about your future. If you like practical tasks and hands-on learning, you’ll love the opportunity to participate in voluntary work and community activities

Set yourself up for a positive future

Our teachers will work with you and your support team to design an individual learning plan that develops the vocational, social and employability skills you’ll need for voluntary work and participating in the community. You’ll have the opportunity to practise independent living skills such as using public transport and budgeting.

Subject clusters include:

  • Core
  • Individual Learning Plan
  • Community
  • Future Options
  • Technology

  • Electives
  • My Budget
  • Communication Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Media Arts
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Dance and Movement

The benefits continue at the end of the program with exit planning – documenting your strengths and vocational pathways and preparing an action plan for you to follow once the course is complete. We’ll assist you through our alumni program.

You’ll profit from Melbourne Polytechnic’s decades of experience in the disability sector, our constant updating of our courses and our ongoing participation on the re-accreditation committee.

Class sizes are limited to 10 students. We actively promote equality of representation and our commitment is to achieve a balance in the student group profile, to remove barriers on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race and age.

The course also includes 3 workshops for parents as Career Partners.

We’ll design an individual education program to meet your learning needs in a non-competitive environment. Our qualified careers advisors and educators will help you respond to a continually changing world.

Industry connections and resources

A significant part of Work Education Department training involves field visits to a broad range of workplaces, community groups, and recreational, cultural and educational facilities.

You’ll benefit from Melbourne Polytechnic’s community and industry partnerships in areas, including:

  • warehouse
  • hospitality
  • retail
  • office
  • Darebin Community Legal Aid

Employment outcomes

You will have a clear pathway to your study and employment goals.

Work placement

Voluntary work placement is available. You’ll investigate and plan this with one of our teachers, then participate in the voluntary work that meets your needs.

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Work Education
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Full-time: 12 months

Part-time: 2 years

Class Schedule: *

Mon - AM and PM
Tue - AM and PM
Wed - AM and PM
Thu - AM and PM
Fri - AM and PM

*Classes run across these days and times. Detailed timetable information is available from an Education and Career Advisor

Modes of Delivery

Flexible, Classroom



The student tuition fees as published are correct at time of publication and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. All enrolments excluding RPL/RCC and Higher Education incur an annual Amenities fee with a maximum cap of $250

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Assessment Methods

Assessment need not take place at the end of every learning outcome and students may be assessed using an integrated approach. Learning outcomes may be grouped together and assessment of the module may be achieved through an activity that takes into account all learning outcomes. Assessment methods will respect the individual’s learning style and may include: discussion, demonstration, oral questioning, short answer, practical exercise, role play, recorded report and observation. Methods may be varied in response to specific needs of the learner. The integrity of the learning outcome and assessment criteria should be maintained.


You need to supply:
  • paper and pen
  • folder
  • mobile phone (to monitor time)
  • topped-up MYKI card for excursions

No books are required.

Entrance Requirements

You’ll be asked to complete an entry report and an interview. You’ll be 16 years or over, have special learning needs (intellectual/learning disability, autism spectrum, ABI or other) and the potential and motivation for employment. You’re interested in working in a Melbourne Polytechnic-based program. You have the support of your family/advocate.

Pathways to further study

The more education you complete, the more job opportunities you’ll have. You can use this course as a pathway into courses as varied as:
  • Certificate I in Work Education
  • Certificate I in General Education for Adults
  • Certificate II in Retail Baking Assistance
  • Certificate II in Visual Arts
  • Certificate II in Animals Studies
  • Certificate II in Painting and Decorating

Career Pathways

The Certificate I in Transition Education will assist you to create pathways for the future by helping you understand your work interests and goals.

Enrolment Intake

  • February
  • April
  • July

Units Of Study

The hours displayed are nominal, actual classroom hours delivered may differ. Please contact the department for the latest student contact hours information.

Code Subjects Hours
VU21298 Conduct a project with guidance 20
VU21734 Recognise and use time 40
VU21741 Write simple sentences 70
VU21742 Communicate orally using simple sentences 35
VU21743 Give and follow simple directions 25
VU21776 Develop and document a learning plan with support 150
VU21777 Enhance self development 150
VU21778 Participate in travel activities 150
VU21779 Investigate future options for further training, work or community activities 150
VU21780 Participate in the community 150
VU21781 Use technology for a range of purposes 150
VU21782 Explore personal health issues 50
VU21783 Access the media 50
VU21785 Participate in recreational activities 50
VU21786 Paricipate in creative activities 50
VU21787 Apply communication for a range of purposes 50
VU21788 Apply numeracy to a range of purposes 50