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Creative Industries

Master Of

Code: HECAMCI Cricos: 083046K







18 months full time / 3 years part time


18 months full time / 3 years part time


This qualification aims to build on your creative networks, strengthen your knowledge of applied creative research, critical thinking and to extend your practice with supervisory guidance from experts in your field.

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Next Intake

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Step into the spotlight

Melbourne Polytechnic’s newest post-graduate course – the Master of Creative Industries (MCI) – is a program aimed at creative practices of all disciplines. Choose to specialise in Fine Arts and Illustration, Music, Film Making and TV, Journalism, Photography, Graphic Design, Jewellery and Object Design, Curatorship and more. With three thematic streams in Applied Research, Creative Practice and Creative Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, the MCI is all about you, your choices and your creative development. Australia’s creative industries contribute over $90 billion to the national economy, with an increasing demand for creative skills sets across all industry sectors.

A tailored approach to your creativity

Melbourne Polytechnic’s Master of Creative Industries focuses on the creation of a major project over three semesters, in any creative field of your choosing. The MCI will help you consolidate your creative identity, while giving you the tools to position your work in the real-world arts community. You will learn skills vital to succeed within competitive creative industries, build your creative networks, strengthen your knowledge of creative research and critical thinking, and extend your practice with supervisory guidance from leading experts, mentors and supervisors in your field. Master of Creative Industries students will have access to Melbourne Polytechnic’s extensive creative facilities, including dedicated art studios and classrooms, musical production facilities including rehearsal spaces and live sound studios, filmmaking equipment and television studios, photographic studios and digital photo labs, our dedicated jewellery design and manufacture workshops and more.

Create your own future

Melbourne Polytechnic’s MCI’s flexible study options allows you to exit the course after one semester with Graduate Certificate of Creative Industries and after two semesters Graduate Diploma of Creative Industries, should you choose to complete the Master at a later date. Graduates of the MCI will have a deeper knowledge of their art practices. Likely areas of employment include an arts professional, a practicing artist, a self-employed arts entrepreneur or a creative working within the public service sector. You may even choose further study as an academic in the creative arts and gain support in undertaking research in your own creative field.

Career Pathways

Where will this take me

You will find employment through creative enterprise, as an

  • arts professional
  • practising artist
  • self-employed arts entrepreneur
  • arts in the public service sector
  • academic creative arts employment
  • Designer
  • Jeweller
  • Post-Production Television Sound Engineer
  • Post-Production Film Engineer
  • Post-Production Engineer for Digital Media
  • Studio Assistant
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Arts Professional
  • Creative Artist
  • Self-Employed Artist


Once you have graduated with a Master of Creative Industries you may choose to go onto further study such as undertaking a PhD in the Arts or other related field.

Akolda Bil

"It means future to me now. All I was doing before this was working in small jobs, or jobs that aren't going to get me far in life, so studying is a huge deal to me. It got me where I am now.... And it actually, studying gave me a path to go somewhere in my life."

Course Details

Units of Study

Credit points are a basic measure of student workload. All subjects are given a credit point value. Most subjects at Melbourne Polytechnic are 12 credit points. A normal full-time annual workload is 96 credit points. The academic year is divided into two main semesters; full-time students usually enrol in 48 credit points each semester, part-time students usually enrol in 24 credit points each semester or less.

Units of Study
Code Subject Elective Description Year Semester
MCI202 PROJECT DESIGN Core Integral to a critical understanding and application of qualitative and quantitative research methods, collaboration, networking and project design and management skills. Drawing on these skills and knowledge, develop a proposal for an industry-standard project relevant to you own creative practice 1 2
MCI305 GRANT WRITING Elective Investigate the strategies key to the writing of successful grant applications. Best practice exemplars are examined as well as feedback on a grant applications completed during the course 2 1
MCI302 CREATIVE PRACTICE 3 Elective Undertake a critical exploration of interdisciplinary Arts practice through collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. In this subject (a core subject) you are encouraged to develop relationships with external organisations to work on projects utilising an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. Projects will be presented in the public sphere to facilitate critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and industry engagement 2 1
MCI205 STRATEGY IN CREATIVE ENTERPRISES Elective Strengthen group/teamwork/collaborative skills through the development of a strategic approach to a creative enterprise. Demonstrate group/teamwork/collaborative skills by constructing a report that identifies a venture, engages major stakeholders, critically analyses the venture’s elements, makes recommendations based on this analysis, and is deliverable to key stakeholders 1 2
MCI102 CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Core Develop an understanding of theory and practice of entrepeneurship in relation to the creative industries and reflect on your aspirations and experiences. In this subject you will deliver three modules structured over several weeks, with modules containing topics inclusive of lectures, readings, learning activities and assessment tasks 1 1
MCI101 CREATIVITY Core Investigate the range and nature of creative practice and aesthetic thought. Explore how these streams have manifested historically in diverse cultures. Key theories of creativity and schools of aesthetic thought are interrogated and you'll gain a true understanding of your position in this rich tradition 1 1
MCI103 DEVELOPING CREATIVE ENTERPRISE Core This business-oriented subject develops a practical model for a proposed creative enterprise and an understanding of the realities of workingin within the creative industries such as in SMEs. Innovation, risk-taking, industry awareness and opportunity development, marketing, business planning, communication, grant writing, management, teams, ethics and governance are all investigated 1 1
MCI301 CREATIVE PROJECT 2 & 3 Core This exciting subject takes Creative Project 1 through to its second and final stages. Comprising a substantial innovative project that conforms to the scale, scope and focus of 24 credit points; realising innovation in creative industries practices; fully supervised by Melbourne Polytechnic staff 2 1
MCI304 DEVELOPING ARTS AUDIENCES Elective Investigate the development and retention of audiences in the Arts through a variety of methodologies, including analysis of content and programming; analysis of existing and lapsed audiences; exploration and critiquing of conventional marketing tools. Seminars address themes that underpin the development and retention of audiences 2 1
MCI201 CREATIVE PRACTICE 2 Core Creative Practice 2 will focus on your individual creative practice while you attend fortnightly seminars. Work with your assigned tutor to prepare an individual study plan that provides a conceptual framework, identifiying skill-development needs appropriate to your particular creative practice as a professional 1 2
MCI203 CREATIVE PROJECT 1 Core A highly practical subject, giving you the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with an industry expert and reflect on this collaboration as you initiate an innovative project within the creative industries. The project may be single or cross-disciplinary and be undertaken through a range of methods and in a range of locations 1 2
MCI303 CREATIVE INDUSTRIES LEADERSHIP Elective Develop exemplary creative industries leadership through the analysis and application of relevant theories of leadership, and the analysis and critique of relevant Arts policies. Build a leadership portfolio that articulates you preferred style of Arts leadership 2 1
MCI104 CREATIVE PRACTICE 1 Core Contextualise the conceptual, personal and expressive bases of your creative practice. This subject is conducted through fortnightly seminars and weekly individual tutorials with an expert in the your discipline. Prepare a study plan appropriate to your creative practice in consultation with your tutor 1 1
MCI204 ARTS LAW Elective This vital subject provides an introduction to the laws governing your professional practice, and examines the legal frameworks regulating small business, freelancing and specific job roles in the creative industries in Australia. A case study approach provides theoretical and practical insights into the legal rights and risks of creative industries practitioners 1 2

Fees & Costs

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Fees displayed are effective for new applications received on or after 1 November 2019. Tuition fees do not include textbooks, course materials or overseas student health insurance and visa fees.

After initial deposit, international students are able to pay tuition fees in installments, four times per year.

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Tuition Fees
$9350 per semester
$18700 per year
$10850 per semester
$21700 per year
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You must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in a Creative Arts discipline or other appropriate area, such as Arts Management or Arts Education with a credit average awarded by a recognised university or TAFE. For any additional information, we encourage you to attend one of Melbourne Polytechnic’s Information Sessions.

Alternatively, candidates must have a minimum of five years full-time equivalent work or creative practice experience in creative and performing arts or in an industry position related to creative and performing arts.

Academic: Undergraduate degree in Creative Arts or other appropriate area in the Arts
English: Academic IELTS 6.5 with no individual band below 6.0, Pearson PTE Academic 58 overall with no individual communicative skill below 50, or Melbourne Polytechnic recognised equivalency.

Alternatively (for prospective applicants without a completed undergraduate degree) - candidates must have a minimum of five years full-time equivalent work or creative practice experience in creative and performing arts or in an industry position related to creative and performing arts.

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