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Make a real difference in your chosen field – Critical thinking integrated with analytical and vocational skills will help you to meet the needs of our future workforce.

Melbourne Polytechnic degrees foster innovation within a supportive study body. Taught by highly qualified academic staff, our bachelor degrees teach you the knowledge and skills to excel in your future career.

Our staff are industry-experienced and make active and valuable contributions to their chosen fields. These strong links with industry ensure you receive training that has currency within the industry – you’ll gain the skills that employers are looking for. Our approach integrates theory with practice, and we understand the value of hands-on learning.

If you are an international student contact Melbourne Polytechnic's International Office.

Your pathway to success

There are different study pathways into our Bachelor Degrees. Course graduates may wish to broaden their career opportunities at postgraduate level at other institutions.

Work towards the future you want

  • Bachelor Degree programs are three years full time, or six years part time, with most programs offering an Associate Degree exit point
  • A Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor Degree complies with Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) standards for the award at AQF Level 7: Graduates at this level will have broad and coherent knowledge and skills for professional work and/or further learning
  • Ask about FEE-HELP for financial assistance with your study
Bachelor of Accounting
Interested in sustainability and environmental practices? Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of Accounting has been developed to meet the growing demand for business professionals with qualifications in the area of accounting and knowledge of sustainable business.

Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - Agronomy
Agronomy is the study of management in crops and pastures with a focus on sustainability and agricultural production. The world’s agriculture industry faces many challenges in the future with climate change, a growing world population, new technologies and changing resource conditions.

Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - Aquaculture
The Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology majoring in Aquaculture provides a leading edge in this fascinating industry.

Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - Agribusiness
Australia’s agriculture industry faces challenges in the future with climate change factors, a growing world population, new markets and changing technologies. The Bachelor of Agriculture majoring in Agribusiness will provide you with an exciting and rewarding career.

Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology - Viticulture and Winemaking
Our Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology majoring in Viticulture and Winemaking will give you a leading edge in the competitive Australian wine industry. We'll drink to that!

Bachelor of Agriculture and Technology
Combine your interest in Agriculture and Technology and be at the forefront of the industry with Melbourne Polytechnic's Agriculture and Technology bachelor degree, offered in partnership with La Trobe University.

Bachelor of Business
Build your business acumen and graduate job-ready with our Bachelor of Business. Designed to meet the needs of industry and business for skilled and knowledgeable business professionals, the course enjoys strong support from industry and graduates are known as practical and solutions-oriented.

Bachelor of Education (Early Years)
Would you like to work as a teacher in a preschool or primary setting? Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Education (Early Years), boasts a 100 per cent employment success rate - a rewarding career teaching the next generation beckons.

Bachelor of the Built Environment
Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of the Built Environment was developed following rigorous consultation with industry stakeholders and benchmarking with comparative courses within Australia to ensure that students have essential skills as required by architects at the undergraduate level. Build your future with Melbourne Polytechnic.

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)
Melbourne Polytechnic's Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil) was developed following rigorous consultation with industry stakeholders and benchmarking with comparative courses within Australia. The program is industriously versatile and also offers an exit point after the first two years at the Associate Degree level.

Bachelor of Equine Studies
Follow your dream of working with horses! Melbourne Polytechnic's Equine Studies combines specialised equine science topics with business and property management skills, essential for successful operation of equine focused businesses in the 21st century. Our Bachelor of Equine Studies provides the winning edge when it comes to future employment opportunities, while the course structure offers study options to help you design your ideal degree program.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management
Australia offers world class training opportunities in hospitality management and our own Bachelor of Hospitality Management sets the standard. This degree will develop your leadership abilities and give you the practical industry skills and knowledge you need to manage businesses and facilities around the world.

Bachelor of Illustration
Let the Bachelor of Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic draw you in. Develop your practical skills and knowledge to a high level and engage in research based practice that will enhance your capacity to see the world in a different way. This unique degree also addresses business practice and opportunities for entrepreneurship in today’s creative arts industry

Bachelor of Information Technology
Graduate 'work-ready' from Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Information Technology with a choice of three majors - 1 Network Security; 2 Secure networks against cyber threats and vulnerabilities; and 3 Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Music
As a musician you need to be able to adapt to current trends and you can learn how to do this in a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne Polytechnic. Develop your skills and awareness of the global spectrum of music.

Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production
Our Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is a music artist’s degree for emerging songwriters, composers and music producers, who will be taught as artists. Be part of something unique - nowhere else in Australia can you explore your musical, artistic career in this way and to degree level.

Bachelor of Writing and Publishing
If you are aiming for a career in the creative industries, or simply love to write and publish your work, Melbourne Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Writing and Publishing is for you. Sign up for this exciting degree - Australia's only undergraduate degree dedicated solely and equally to writing and publishing. Melbourne Polytechnic will help you with a wordy career pathway and is that big break you have been seeking!

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