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ReadFin eJournal

READfin eJournal

The eJournal READfin is an exciting initiative of the Bachelor of Writing and Publishing which is part of the Creative Hub located at Melbourne Polytechnic's beautiful Fairfield campus. 

The eJournal invites submissions from all over the world as part of the degree’s engagement with the international community of writers and publishers.  The eJournal plans to produce bi-annual or annual anthologies showcasing the rich diversity of literary works presently being created.

Why the fish?

The READfin logo, in keeping the degree’s writing and publishing focus, is a play on words, and is derived from the Redfin fish or European Perch which was first introduced to Australia around 1860. It proliferates in the nearby Yarra River which runs through the parklands that surround the Fairfield campus.

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