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The Complete Guide To Writing Your First Novel
Assaph Mehr

Assaph Mehr is a software product manager who moonlights as an urban fantasy novelist. Here is everything Mehr learned on the path to becoming an author — from the actual writing to publishing and marketing the finished work. If you think you have a novel buried inside you, this guide will help you get it out. [more]


14 Confessions of a Book Cover Designer
Tim Murphy and Keith Hayes

It’s almost embarrassing to start with the cliché that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly how many of us decide which book we’ll take home. A design is more than just a pretty picture: Typeface, imagery, graphics, and color all play a role in signaling a book’s content and tone—and in getting readers to make a purchase. [more]


Amazon opens its first physical bookstore, in its home town
Elizabeth Weise

Amazon has opened a long-rumoured brick and mortar bookstore in Seattle, the town where 15 years ago it launched itself as an online bookseller. Called Amazon Books, the store is in Seattle's University Village, an upscale outdoor mall north of the University of Washington that's already home to thriving Apple and Microsoft stores. [more]


How to read the Australian book industry in a time of change
Zwar, Throsby, and Longden

The average income of Australian authors is A$12,900. Although a fifth of authors write as their full-time occupation, only 5% earn the average annual income from their creative practice. [more]


Future of the Book for IDEOexploring the potential of book publishing in digital formats

The Future of the Book is a design exploration of digital reading that seeks to identify new opportunities for readers, publishers, and authors to discover, consume, and connect in different formats. [more]


Gay vampires and bisexual cowboys: why erotica has e-readers to thank
Calum Marsh

Few benefits of the e-reader are as attractive as the privacy it affords, and so after the launch of the Kindle, that’s when erotic romance really took off. [more]


Dr Seuss's 'Seven Lady Godivas': his forgotten adult book of female nudes
Laura Vitto

The literary work of beloved children's book author Dr. Seuss wasn't all cats in hats and truffula trees. Tucked away in his canon of books is Theodore Seuss Geisel's adult picture book: The Seven Lady Godivas: The True Facts Concerning History's Barest Family. [more]


Kindle Cover Disasters: the world’s worst ebook artwork
Stuart Heritage

The hilarious blog showcases some of the most spectacularly bad ebook covers – but in an affectionate way, claims the site’s creator. [more]

Reference: http://kindlecoverdisasters.tumblr.com


Self-publishing sites help writers get the word out
Katie Cincotta

Online self-publishing tools help writers put their books into the hands of readers. [more]


5 Things I Didn't Get About Making Video Games (Until I Did It)
Andy Burch Kotaku

Before I joined Gearbox Software, I worked at Destructoid as a features editor. I worked there from 2006 to 2010, and specialised in highlighting indie games and spewing vitriol at big-budget games I didn’t like. It turns out there were a shitload of things I didn’t know about games development. [more]


A Glimpse Inside The Hidden Vault Where Harvard Keeps Millions Of Books
Sarah Zhang Gizmodo

Harvard’s flagship library, Widener, is an imposing granite cube built quite literally as shrine to the book. A central alcove cuts through the stacks to show off a prized relic: an original Gutenberg bible. But this is not the heart of Harvard’s libraries. No, that would be its cold storage site, an anonymous concrete building few students or even faculty know about. [more]


Forbidden print: a brief history of banned books
Chris Robley The BookBaby Blog

‘Nothing makes me want to read a book more than when someone says I can’t read it…’ [more]


Should Writers Respond to Their Critics?
New York Times

James Parker and Zoë Heller discuss the pitfalls for writers who directly respond to their critics. [more]


PacPrint 2013
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre 21-25 May

Since 1970, PacPrint has been showcasing the world’s latest and most innovative printing and graphic communications technologies. Staged every four years, PacPrint is one of the largest and most significant trade exhibitions for the printing and graphic technologies industry in the Southern Hemisphere. The show will again bring industry leaders together under one roof. It’s an opportunity to interact and network with colleagues, affiliates, competitors and potential customers. PacPrint has been designed to provide the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Rim printing and graphic arts technologies industries with a comprehensive exhibition which enables access to the technological advances and business solutions to take these industries into the future. Visitors will be attending from throughout the Asia Pacific region and the world. It is an event which the industry acknowledges as a conduit for new information and global directions. [more]


My Journey: self-published to big publishing deal
Torre DeRoche Fearful Adventurer

‘I launched my self-published book in the first week of September this year. In just over two months, I’ve landed some big publishing deals and a movie deal…’ [more]


How I got a book deal in a week
Poppy Gee Daily Life

‘When I was a 21-year-old university student, living away from home, my boyfriend snooped through my bedroom and found my diary hidden at the back of my wardrobe…’ [more]


Self-publishing takes off for aspiring bestseller writers
Susan Wyndham The Age

‘Self-publishing can sound like an easy step to bestsellerdom. American author Hugh Howey is the latest to fly from obscurity to fame with his post-apocalyptic hit Wool, which began as a digital ”novelette” in 2011 and grew into a novel after thousands of online rave reviews from readers…’ [more]


Independent Publishers Conference

The Wheeler Centre
November 8th and 9th 2012

The Bachelor Of Writing and Publishing are proud to announce their sponsorship of SPUNC — The Small Press Network’s Independent Publishers Conference, Australia’s only industry-based conference aimed solely at publishers, to be held on November 8th and 9th 2012 at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. The two day event will include an academic conference on the Thursday and an industry conference on the Friday.

Our very own Amy Espeseth be speaking at the academic conference as well as at the public gala event. Amy will also be one of the judges of the ‘Most Underrated Book Award’ which will be announced during the conference. The Bachelor Of Writing and Publishing also has two students attending the industry conference as volunteers.

The conference will also feature an extensive program including a keynote address from Thomas Minkus, Vice-President of Emergent Media and English-Language Markets for the Frankfurt Book Fair and a frequent contributor to Publishing Perspectives. The conference marks the first of what will become Australia’s premier annual event for independent, Australian publishers. All members of the industry will be invited to attend. For further details including where to book tickets click here.


End of Year Celebration and Anthology Launch
October 24th 2012
Room S103 11am to 2pm

The second and third year students of the Bachelor of Writing and Publishing invite all students and staff to attend the ‘Celebration and Launch’. During the celebration, students from Writing Project and Writing Professional Practice II will be reading from their work, and students from Publishing Project will be reading from and launching their anthology publication (to view book trailer click here). Plan for the day:

11am to 12pm Readings
12pm to 1pm Speeches and Food
1pm to 2pm Readings
2pm+ Mingle

Speakers will include Brad Webb, Alice Robinson, and Amy Espeseth, with a keynote speech by Dr Karen Simpson Nikakis. Soft drinks, coffee and tea will be provided by the Bachelor of Writing and Publishing. Students are encouraged to bring snacks to share.


Turning the page on magazine apps: The future of digital content is on the web
Charles Lim Sparksheet

‘In his last column, Sparksheet design director Charles Lim argued that the problem with magazine apps is that they’re often just “print in digital clothing.” This time he suggests that publishers looking for a solution need not look any further than the trusty web browser…’ [more]

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