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Issue Four: Peacocks, avian royalty or just another fowl? by Robert Bennett

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This piece was directly inspired by my personal observations of Pete the Peacock at Fairfield campus. Pete is a survivor and he struts around as though he owns the place.

Unfortunately, he also eats some pretty disgusting things from the gardens, rolls in the dirt and rakes up the fallen leaves and cuttings. Pete is currently sporting his new season plumage and he looks gorgeous. However, his habits leave much to be desired and are so common as to be totally at odds with his appearance.

About the Writer:

Robert Bennett is a second year student in the Bachelor of Writing and Publishing course. In 2012, one of his short stories ‘Checkmate – Time to Go’ was awarded an Honourable Mention in the ‘Time to Write’ competition. This year another of his short stories ‘Café Haven’ was published in ‘INfusion’ 48. He has written a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, including; speeches, reports, discussion papers and legal advice. In addition, he has co-ordinated and/or edited annual reports, academic papers, copy for books and website material. In his younger days he contributed cartoons and ribald stories to the student newspaper, ‘Honi Soi’ and produced newsletters for his rugby and cricket clubs. Robert is also an artist and illustrator who has had a number of solo and joint exhibitions in Sydney. At present he is coming to terms with InDesign and a Bamboo tablet. He has taken a solemn vow to conquer the new technology no matter what. Among other things, Robert has studied at the Billy Blue Graphic Design & Advertising School and the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. He is a member at the NGV and Heide. Tarrawarra is another favourite place to see great art.

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