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Issue Four: At Death’s Door by Monica Spiteri

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At Death's door is a short story from the perspective of Death himself. A horrible man locks up girls and destroys them, beating them till the point they die.

So what happens when the girl is more than just some girl from a bar? His little angel is dying and it’s her own fathers fault. Death is waiting for her, death is watching waiting to take the next one of his victims from the man who gives him so many.

About the Writer:

My name is Monica Spiteri. I have been writing since I was little and love it. I want to get into a publishing company when I’m older and get my own stories published. I have most of my stories online on Wattpad.com. My username is Monii101 and you are free to read the other stories, there is also a prequel to At Death’s Door on there as well you are free to read. I hope you enjoy the story guys

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