Yarra Bend Press

Issue Three: Feathering Pain (a short story) by Amanda Kontos



Patience never thought that she would try to break free from anything or anyone in her life, but Christopher, a werewolf, has left her no choice. He is on the hunt for her as she crosses the line between pain and pleasure and spirals deep into a world she didn’t sign up for.

Will she lose Christopher’s trust and possibly the one person who she loves as a result of her rebellious choice? Or will she prevail and find what she was really searching for? 

About the Writer:

Amanda Kontos is an aspiring novelist who loves to spend her time writing about her loud, headspace stealing characters and running her own play-by-post role-playing site based on the words of one of her favourite authors. She loves candy, Greek cooking and has a bad obsession for going out of her way to collect novels that have the same concept cover when it comes to series. She is currently reading her way through urban and paranormal YA and Adult fantasy, while trying to extend herself out through her degree.

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