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Issue Two: Things to do in Moreland by Paul South


This is a list poem that I wrote a few weeks ago in response to a poem by Ted Berrigan titled Things to do in New York City.

His poem is a little more cryptic than mine. Mine is just a plain-spoke, off-the-cuff list of activities gleaned from my everyday experience in said municipality (except for punching myself in the head – I gave that up years ago!) Andy is a poet friend of mine, and The Brunswick Hotel is where we go to the poetry on Monday nights. Come and visit us if you like.

About the Writer:

Paul South has been writing for more than fifteen years, and has performed at literary events including The Melbourne Writers Festival, The Fringe Festival, and Words in Winter in Daylesford. Tragic and often comic, Paul’s pieces have a disarming simplicity and directness that make him a crowd favourite. His book of poetry and prose, Rats Live On No Evil Star, is being published this spring.

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