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Issue Two: Taking Time (a vignette) by Linda Ruby-White



A busy mum stops what she is doing to sit on the couch, partaking in a moment's imaginative play with one of her sons. Her child offers her a wooden mushroom to lick. She licks it twice and he snatches it from her, says she is done and runs off. 

She is left wallowing in the beauty of that precious moment, in the little things. She has been entirely present for a moment of whimsical time.

About the Writer:

Daily, Linda Ruby-White's children teach her the lessons of gratitude, detachment, abundance and peace -these are not her natural states. Her children challenge her to live in the present -you wouldn't say she is super comfortable there. Often she can be found snorting at what is expected of her to 'mother' them. With two close together and one up ahead, she is certainly familiar with what it is like to lose the plot … and never quite find it again. But now they are sleeping and she just loves them, insanely all over again.

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