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Issue Two: Cry of the Marwing (an excerpt from a novel) by Karen Simpson Nikakis



After the war that the Shargh have lost, Kira goes to them to offer healing and so prevent the bloody cycle of violence and revenge from engulfing the next generation.

The Chief-wife Palansa calls a Speak to persuade the Shargh that as Kira has healed the next Chief (her infant son Ersalan), Kira should be released. However Arkendrin, who has long sought Kira’s death as a means to snatch the Chiefship, and his sly follower Irdodun, take the opportunity to attack. 

About the Writer:

Karen Simpson Nikakis is an academic at NMIT. A passionate reader and student of fantasy writing, she lives in Melton, Victoria with her husband and two children. The Kira Chronicles is her first series. K.S. (Karen Simpson) Nikakis grew up in Mansfield in north eastern Victoria. She was previously a teacher and is now Foundation Head of the Creative Writing & Publishing Degree at NMIT. She has completed a M.Ed in young adult literature (The Purpose of Dragons in Selected Children’s Literature in the Twentieth Century) and a Ph.D in fantasy fiction (The Use of Narrative in Order to Break the Masculine Domination of the Hero Quest). Her interest in fantasy came from reading the Lord of the Rings when she was 19. She says that she “discovered and fell in love with Lord of the Rings, and developed my own mental fan fiction version where Eowyn and Aragorn went off on adventures together”. This finally gestated into The Kira Chronicles. Karen’s interest in fantasy led to her to attending some introductory lectures on Carl Jung, and she says this was like a spark to dry fuel. After the lectures, she sat down and in a very short time (about 6 weeks) wrote the first draft of what is now book 2 of The Kira Chronicles trilogy.

The excerpt comes from the concluding chapters of The Cry of the Marwing, Book 3 of The Kira Chronicles trilogy.

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