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Issue Two: Carbon Copy by Laura Bovey


I remember vividly what it was like to be a teenager; I don’t know how we ever manage to survive that steamy caldron of hormones, peer pressure, parents’ expectations, sibling rivalry, VCE studies, dating, experimentation and self-discovery. Throw into that mix an unstable and still-forming identity and it’s no wonder many teenagers are so volatile. 

Think now what it would be like, on top of all these issues, to know you were cloned from an older sister whose promising life was cut short in its prime… Enter Harmony. Harmony may be an exact genetic replica of her sister, but her personality couldn’t be more different. What will it take for her to stop struggling to be someone she’s not and start embracing her own true identity?

This excerpt comes from near the middle of Laura Bovey’s novel Carbon Copy. Harmony, after struggling for nearly eighteen years to live up to an impossibly perfect image of her sister, may finally have given up.

About the Writer:

To her knowledge, Laura Bovey has never been cloned. She has three boisterous boys who she produced by conventional means. She thinks a personal clone army may be useful if she is ever to productively combine parenting, study, writing, editing and housework.

About the Illustrator:

Anika Cooke is a Melbourne based artist, who has won awards in both art and photography. She often works with many traditional mediums, such as watercolour, gouache, pens and pencils but she also experiments with 3D works, photography and film. During her primary schooling Anika was very influenced by Japanese Anime as a result she still often exaggerates human features. Anika was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where she was encouraged from a young age to exercise her creative talents. Anika is currently in her first year of studying a Bachelor of Illustration at NMIT.

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