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Issue Two: All of the Stumbling Phrases by Peta Hawker


A chance interaction at a party leaves Perri reflecting on her past and her unflinching refusal to fully participate in life. She stumbles through the conversation, unsure of her place. The man she converses with throws her off her guard and she loses herself in a surreal world where the creative process is life itself.

About the Writer:

Peta Hawker loves life, and loves throwing herself at it fully. As a teenager, what was actually a love of nonsense, psychedelia and the beauty of language quickly disappeared behind the quick escape of a thousand fantastical worlds. A slow peeling away of layers and opinions over the past few years have dramatically changed Peta’s reading and writing habits. At present, her reading consists of ‘anything that falls into her lap’, with a blog coming soon that revolves around this theme. Her writing has moved far away from the complex alternative realities she created as a child. Now she writes about the mysteries that arise out of ordinary situations, and the magical moments that happen on a daily basis.

About the Illustrator:

Mikaela Blease recently completed a diploma of visual art and is now a first year illustration student in Melbourne exhibiting various works locally. She is most at ease when sitting at her desk drawing or picking up a needle and thread in just about any location aspiring to start her own business and market stall in the near future. She has a keen interest in art, craft and the hand made most recently incorporating embroidery as a means to illustrate within her practice. She is most often found tinkering around opp shops and craft markets in various locations, collecting old teacups, unique jewellery, antique frames, countless woollen jumpers and observing the handmade processes of neighbouring artists.

About the Producer/Sound Engineer:

Darcy Davis is a piano player / producer / vocalist from Alice Springs. He moved to Melbourne at the beginning of 2012 to study Music Performance at NMIT. His musical influences are quite vast: Jazz, Electronica, Classical, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and Tribal styles all go into his melting pot which he one day hopes will fuse into vibrations that will help to uplift, inspire and evolve the human race.

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