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Issue One: Editor Interview



About the Editors:

Amanda Kontos is an aspiring novelist who loves to spend her time writing about her loud, headspace stealing characters and running her own play-by-post role-playing site based on the works of one of her favourite authors. She loves candy, Greek cooking, and has a bad obsession for going out of her way to collect the novels that have the same cover concept when it comes to series. She is currently reading her way through urban and paranormal YA and Adult fantasy, while trying to extend herself out further through her degree. A serial student, Amanda loves to find anything that challenges her to be better than she is when it comes to her writing. Lately she’s been busy people watching and trying to come up with great slices of life to help build her Sliver novels, a six part novel series drawing on ancient mythology, mummies and werewolves. In her spare time she loves to watch addictive cult TV Shows based on vampires and werewolves, to many of her friends dismay.

Linda Ruby-White is an artist, writer, erstwhile free spirit. She is now buckling down for the next 40 years until her three boys leave home. When she is not neck deep in laundry, halting fistfights, stamping out fires and driving people around she seeks refuge in plans for her first erotic novel. Everyone will be using contraception of course. Linda Ruby-White has been published in Barefoot, children people earth, (Budding Iris Publications).

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About the Illustrator:

Anna Trundle is currently undertaking her final year of study at NMIT completing a Bachelor of Illustration degree and is working in Melbourne as a freelance illustrator, artist and web designer. As a keen visual problem solver, Anna courageously brings together a diverse range of traditional and digital medias to create works with a strong conceptual basis. Her graphic style is built on her interest in pattern, geometry, typography, mark making and complex machinery. Anna aims to encourage discovery, deliberation and debate through her work and find new and innovative ways to create and communicate.

Music Credit:

The theme music for From The Courses’ Mouth uses the following sounds from freesound:

Typing2 by tobi123
20060419.horse.neigh by dobroide
Western themetune by juskiddink
Galloping Horse by prosounder

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