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From the Courses’ Mouth


From the Courses’ Mouth is now accepting writing and music submissions for our ongoing issues from Melbourne Polytechnic students. We record, edit and publish bite-sized audible podcasts, using original music for intros and outros. 

We publish:

  • micro-fiction
  • short fiction
  • excerpts from longer works
  • monologues
  • poetry
  • non-fiction
  • interviews

Got a draft of something else lying around? Send it in! We are open to being surprised. We are also looking for students to work as sound and content editors for the journal. Experience in digital recording and editing would be good, but we’ll take enthusiasm. Email your submissions, expressions of interest and questions to: moc.l1571068458iamg@1571068458htuom1571068458sesru1571068458octf1571068458.

From the Course's Mouth

Issue One
The Kiss Off, Down to the Core, Carnival, and an Interview with the Editor

 Issue 1

From the Course's Mouth

Issue Two
All of the Stumbling Phrases, Canary Found, Amber, Things to do in Moreland, Carbon Copy, Talking Time, Jungle Out There, and Cry of the Marwing

 Issue 2

From the Course's Mouth

Issue Three
Feathering Pain, Little Blue Puppy, Choices, Even a Thief has to earn a Living, and Just A Quiet Drink

 Issue 3

From the Course's Mouth

Issue Four
The Matador And The Bull, Peacocks, avian royalty or just another fowl?, Swimming in the Dark, At Death’s Door, Still Cycling, and The Wedding Cake

 Issue 4

From the Course's Mouth

Issue Five
Suzana Loses Elizevetta, The Orphan of Life, He Said Nothing, The Dangling Conversation, It’s Your Fault, The Sunflower People

 Issue 5

From the Course's Mouth

Writing for Performance
I Miss You, Claire de Lune, Shooter’s Licence, Piet, Letter to an Old Friend, A Place for Us, Hey There Annie, Networking, Being Late, Letter to St Paul, Poetry’ll Lead To Crime, The Raven

 Writing for Performance


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