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Individual Exit Planning


Once a student has enrolled in their chosen course, a series of meetings and interviews occur with the student and family, advocate or other support person as relevant.

This assists each individual to plan for their personal goals. The Work Education Centre believes strongly in the student being in the driving seat and uses a person centred approach to planning that considers the whole person. Each student is supported to identify their educational aspirations, their strengths and the areas they need to concentrate on so that they can move into the adult world confidently and armed with skills and experiences that will enhance their lives and increase their option

Every student actively participates in developing an individual learning plan that focuses on developing the skills that will support the student to achieve their goals.

The plan may include planning such things as:

  • Individual strengths and skills
  • work or career objectives
  • social and recreational goals
  • language, literacy and numeracy
  • practical work or community placements
  • on-site training
  • vocational studies in a broad range of industries such as retail, warehousing, hospitality, performing arts or trades

Exit planning

A formal exit planning process starts in the final six months of the student’s time at TAFE. This plan ensures students, their families (where relevant) and teachers have the opportunity to consider the next stage post TAFE. Information about the student’s skills, abilities and personal preferences, barriers, needs and future directions they wish to pursue are considered. The plan identifies any supports that are necessary to enable the student to succeed in their chosen option.

The plan is provided to any other service providers who are involved in the transition of each student so that they have enough information to support them to meet their individual needs and goals during the transition from TAFE to the next step. This has the additional benefit of reducing the number of times an individual or their family needs to retell their story.

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